***if you message me about grammerly il grammerly yer holw for ya IN shame….the mind looking back says all these things….the mind….of course, we know its the mind, but we play or get played along with it….the unconsciouness of shame, is its direct feeeling…shame,disgust, guilt,apathy,dispair,neglect,fear,anxiety….banishment and social exclusion are the direct community tangents of shame….shame, […]

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deliver me from evil

about 70 years ago, an irish man was doing the radio mouth piece for the third reich… 70 years later in his burial place of oranmor , the first drones are delivering pizza collection or delivery might be shortening its name to delivery only… as we like the people during ww2 get bomb-barded with political […]

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the last post talisman

endings are never given the same spotlight as beginnings we usually associate endings as a bad thing…maybe not bad..but something of a different phenomena as beginnings a good start is better than a bad finish the early bird gets the worms the mobile was robbed again…he sat up ….digesting the latest loss…not too bad…wallet phone […]

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