Looking out into the media….im afraid it has become more of a little addiction nowadays…Like turning on a soap one hasn’t seen in a long time, and just watching an episode…for old time sake…with a nice cuppa Tea and bikky… We have long know how sensationalism and our news fixes go together…Some folk love a […]


borders borders borders

Ireland is at talks again about BOrders…NO hard borders says the current Taoiseach or prime-minister, if your speaking english…Trump is on about his Great Wall…Christ i was in china for some time and never saw the bleddy wall…what is it with walls…WHo are you keeping out? Are are you keeping somebody in? Its funny how […]

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boys dont cry or do they……..

i suppose i’m just a melancholic kinda prick…these things seem to, i dunno…not amuse…bewilder i guess until a better word comes up…the balance in society between the sexes…the female who took the tears and the male who took the brunt…. AH, get over yourself would ya…you are always going on about the poor man..oh the […]

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the Conspiracy world the great back seat driver or an inconvenient truth

wiki – A backseat driver is a passenger in a vehicle who is not controlling the vehicle but who excessively comments on the driver’s actions and decisions in an attempt to control the vehicle Its a strange world when one goes onto the web…well its a strange world when one steps outside the door in general…but the web has strange […]

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death to the wolf whistlers

the tap now has been firmly turned on….with daily names of Irish and worldwide celebs, i’m sure there are builders and tradesmen of present and days gone by wondering what happened all the seemingly innocuous bit of sexual humor… now come on not all of it was harmless! Yes i imagine it was not all […]

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the continuous shifting of blame

Maureen o hara called them the wolves of hollywood….each morning as youd come in you would be expected to be grouped and fondled and god knows what else by the big cheeses… so thats going on 100 years ago…..so what have the leading ladies in holywood been doing since….building careers or takin it…for the team… […]

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