Hi my name is

So there i was…head to head with Magnet eyes…. You know what the fuck you are doing dont you i do…i just have to follow my instinct….i just cant here…i cant stay Im signing your death warrant you know I signed into Rehab two weeks ago and i walked out into the freedom i gave […]

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Looking out into the media….im afraid it has become more of a little addiction nowadays…Like turning on a soap one hasn’t seen in a long time, and just watching an episode…for old time sake…with a nice cuppa Tea and bikky… We have long know how sensationalism and our news fixes go together…Some folk love a […]


borders borders borders

Ireland is at talks again about BOrders…NO hard borders says the current Taoiseach or prime-minister, if your speaking english…Trump is on about his Great Wall…Christ i was in china for some time and never saw the bleddy wall…what is it with walls…WHo are you keeping out? Are are you keeping somebody in? Its funny how […]

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