Everyones passion is different

All flamerd up and ready to go….to pounce at life….and suddenly the passion starts leaking out….Like a tire on a bicycle…that pure zen sound of acceptance….the passion can sometimes fall very flat on its face…. We all have different likes and dislikes…we are not all cookie cutter people….some of us are bolloxs..boll-ox-es….a strange word used […]

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depression – joy on pause

there comes a time when depression is no longer incognito…it flares…..the black teeth of depression, though dull, are dazzling anonymous we are breaking new ground here….or are we….nobody likes to have a depression case in the family…a piece of rotten fruit on a tree…….family trees have there fair share of ghosts and ghouls in their […]

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a theory on love

the nail that stands out, gets hit….being bold in love can have its consequences….we call children unconscious and forgive them,,,for there outbursts actions etc…there young…but..i hear an old Japanese man say , how did they do,those actions…Werent they learnt…probably most likely learned straight from the ones in care of them…but! before i gets into the […]

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a day in the life

they are playin to me they know that i know that they know i know that they know that i know that they know Jee Whizz take a break god dammit Your upset that you cant keep it up by yourself you know that you cant keep it up by yourself i cant keep it […]

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the bewildering power of no

would you like to go NO….. But you didn’t know what i was going to Say!….i did…..would like like to go to the movies(tongue in cheek) HA…no i was going to say , would you like to borrow this book i was reading…. Ya right ;p Having one more slug at narrating the experience of […]

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