bang bang he shot me down

one of the last things on the internet to bring a tear to me was the Vietnamese monk engulfing himself in flames….another emotion which was more like astonishment the other day was police shootings in USA….It was probably the most speechless of reality tv moments to see men shooting down men….Cops who i could say appeared nervous and agitated and more like hyenas screaming and hollering….Putting 15 bullets in a man and still handcuffing him and screaming…Cosmic fear…group killers….killings….Oh my it is hardcore

And this is just the beginning….All the guys in the office have just recently quit….so im left now with all these thinkings for myself to ponder…It is heading out to Sea that confuses friends and family the most…Loved ones who go in search of something unknown and unholy

hollywood becomes just a little small set inside a humongous glasshouse housing the worst whores and killers with a few good ones…poetry becomes a daily recycled newspaper and the gurus too…..we live in a world of our own creation and sink into the haughty pride of our own existence ….not wanting to hear a truth is as much powerful as wanting to hear it…maybe more…blindly though……the wise stay clear of mopping up the debris..the wicked and the kind take that role….

what is this post about?

what is it you want to hear?


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