This entertainment blog is based on a Fictitious Idealistic dreaming ZEN Rambling 30 yr old Schizoid from the west of Ireland called 汤姆西 Tāng mǔ xi

His CHinese name was given to him by a wise young businessman on a treacherous journey back to the east where he encountered among other things, snake women/visions/hallucinations/shape shifting immortals and quality Chinese food and wine

He likes big cups of coffee in the morning times and taking it from there.

He is an Aspiring Music Producer/songwriter , writer , but mostly a solitary junky farmer who at times drinks alot due to a psychotic view of the world

There will not be any particular order to this site, only what you give it.

It may contain stories, poetry, and other things

wishing you a safe passage on your way

We all want Liberation, just some of us make it more challenging than others

Tom West

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